Stop the Detox Insanity. Please.

I am SO very tired of people getting scammed with quick fixes, special teas, vinegars, celery diets, and magic pills. I’m not blaming the consumer..after all, who doesn’t want the easy way out? Except this one important teeny tiny truth.


Listen..this might sound a little harsh..but the reality check is that you didn’t get yourself into this unhealthy body overnight and you won’t get out of this body overnight. Or in 3 days. Or 30 days for that matter.

What you CAN do in 3 days, 3 weeks, 30 days, 3 months is this: You start creating new habits. You can FEEL better (and this one can happen SO quickly you won’t even believe it). You can start to build a brand new foundation that you can build the rest of your life on.

But first? You’ve gotta stop chasing the magic pills…no matter how “holistic” or “natural” or “doctor approved” it says it is on the box at walmart. Seriously.

Want a detox? Go for a long hard walk. That’s obviously subjective and will be different for everyone. Whatever your fitness level is, start walking and get a sweat going. Boom. DETOX. Sweat is just one of the ways our bodies detox.

Want a detox? Drink some water. Drink MORE water. Our kidneys are another “magical” way our bodies detox. Through our urine.

Want a detox? Eat whole foods instead of processed, get a good probiotic, and watch your digestive system work it’s detoxification magic as your colonic cleansing takes place naturally..without someone sticking a tube up your a$$ and clearing out not only your colon but also your wallet. And potentially hurting your natural ability to cleanse in the process. Also, research is showing how incredibly important to the entire body our microbiome actually is. It can help heal depression, anxiety, mood swings, increase your immunity across the board…just to name a few.

Now, the liver. OMG the liver is an incredible organ in our bodies. Amazing. Miraculous. Ensuring toxins are safely removed from your blood is one of the liver’s most CRITICAL roles. It also helps to keep blood glucose at the right levels.

Another key point in doing a detox? STOP PUTTING TOXIC SHIT INTO YOUR BODY.

Now I know not everyone wants to hear that exercise and nutrition will cure you of those dangerous toxins we all take in everyday..and that might actually cure you of depression and anxiety..and help you lose weight…and feel really good…because I know the desire for quick fixes. I lived it for a very, very long time. Most of my 20s and 30s were spent looking for a quick fix and I literally spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on that search. I may not be a doctor or homeopath or naturopath..but I’ve got 20 years of experience under my belt and that’s not nothing. I’ve, in essence, been doing research on myself for that long.

The quick fix sounds good. Sounds easy. Sounds like a good way out of the situation you are finding yourself in. I get that. I know where you are sucks. I’ve been there too. I know that you want out of it NOW. We live in an “instant gratification” type of world. Be better than the world. The thing is, with taking the long way (nutrition and exercise) you are learning MORE about yourself along the way, you are figuring out what caused you to be where you are, you are learning how to prevent it from happening again. You will discover who you REALLY are meant to be. The journey is absolutely priceless. Don’t take the easy way and risk missing out on the journey. It’s worth more than anything else. Without it…you’ll find yourself back at chapter 1.



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