Vacation: Food and Exercise debrief

I just got home from an amazing vacation with my two little humans. So. Much. Fun.

The last 4 times I’ve been to Mexico were prior to having kids and’s a totally different experience and honestly..way more fun. Getting to see and experience things through their little eyes was really cool. Playing in the waves and the pool was way more fun than sitting around consuming as much free tequila as humanly possible. It also made for a happy tummy.

Which leads me to note a few interesting observations I made about my eating and exercise habits.

Exercise on vacation isn’t a chore for me. It’s not something I felt obligated to do but rather enjoyed doing. I never once had the thought that I should take time off and just relax about my fitness. I realized that it’s not just something I do at home because of habit or routine..I really, at the end of it all, do it because I love the way it makes me feel. I do it because I want to. I do it happily. Honestly, the last day we were there, I only did 10mins on that rickety old elliptical and 5 mins of weights and I stopped because my body was tired…so I’m fully capable of making fitness decisions based on how I’m feeling regardless of where I am. This realization brought me a lot of comfort. I’m (sometimes) subject to criticism regarding my incessant desire to workout and the frequency in which I do it. I’m confident enought to disregard those comments but now I know that I’m working out BECAUSE I DAMN WELL WANT TO not because I’m chasing a size or a shape, but because it is the best way I know to start a day off properly. And it makes me feel awesome. #enoughsaid

Food..well..this one was a little trickier. I DID make the decision to ease up a little on my own expectations here..which I found very interesting on it’s own. I don’t live by a ton of food rules, like almost none..but I also don’t indulge all that often. Holiday was a different story lol. I literally ate a cheeseburger for lunch every single day. EVERY DAY!!! It was SO pleasurable. So enjoyable. I enjoyed every bite of every burger I ate. I had dessert EVERY night. Sometimes 2. Sometimes almost 3. They were mostly really small portions and most of them weren’t really worth the effort..but man alive..they had this cake to die for!! I had eggs for breakfast every day. Fish for dinner almost every night (I seriously don’t know how they were cooking it but it was so freaking good) but what I found odd was that my portion sizes for dinner were waaaay off. I ate so much MORE food than I normally would. Like I had to try one of everything even though I wasn’t hungry. I felt like I was missing out if I didn’t..and the end result was feeling full for so long. We’d get up in the morning, go do my/our workout and then hit the breakfast buffet. I mean, normally I don’t eat until around 10am but here I am eating at 8am and not because I was hungry. I wasn’t. That was silly of me because the breakfast buffet was still open when we’d get back down for pool time so I totally could’ve waited. I did force myself one morning to wait and of course that was the best I felt all week. Maybe after doing IF (intermittent fasting) for so long I just need that extra time to fully digest. I’m not really sure.

What I do know is that I still have some food baggage to unpack. There’s no reason that JUST BECAUSE the food is there I need to eat it all. I’ve never starved a day in my life. I don’t come from a world of limited food. I don’t understand this desire. It didn’t make me feel good so why would I do it?

Anyway, it nailed home the message I’ve known for a long time. Fitness is the easy part. Food is the challenge. I think most of us feel this way. Acknowledging that this area is one of struggle is okay, it’s one most of us share. I know MOST of my choices were good ones. I know balance is necessary and I most definitely nailed that one ;). I know that mashed potatoes in Mexico are the best ones I’ve ever had (who woulda thought) and I know that sometimes it’s okay to get a little out of “control” in order to understand yourself better. I also know (and don’t yell at me for this) but even walking 20,000 steps a day does NOT undo poor nutrition choices NOR does it count as fitness. Activity, yes. Absolutely. And if that’s all you can do, great. But just wandering at a leisurely pace? Nope. Not gonna make a difference. Sorry #notsorry

post-workout selfie family edition. 4 days we ended my workout with family sprints on the beach. ❤

Until next time Mexico…thanks for an unforgettable time. And your food is amazing ❤


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