The Next 90



A friend of mine and I were talking about the last 90 days of the year..and how important they can be for starting the new year off on the right foot. That’s the idea behind this..only with a little twist.

Obviously, there are LESS than 90 days left in the year. That being don’t need exactly 90 days to initiate change or create a momentum that can carry you forward.  What you absolutely do a change of mindset, a plan, and accountability. 

This is where things get real. Really real. Commit to making a change, have a plan, and have an accountability partner(s) to make sure you remember your reasons for starting.

Let’s face it, the impending holidays are tough to get through. For some people it’s a highly charged emotional time, for some it’s the close proximity (and relentless) baking and delicious food around, for some it’s non-stop interruptions in a normal routine. For some, I’m guessing, it’s all of those combined.  For some of’s none of those things. Either way, a LOT of us end up eating more than we want, doing less movement that we usually do, and start out on January 1st swearing off all the treats and spending and getting back to the grind. Which is great while it lasts..but resolutions rarely do. We fall of the bandwagon, binge, forget. The gyms are overflowing through January and February of people who are full of motivation and gusto..and by’s starts to dwindle back down to the few who seem to always be there regardless of what time of year it is.

The Next 90 is a program I am developing to go from November 15 until February 15. A plan that will help us keep our focus strong and clear through Thanksgiving (USA), Christmas, NYE, and Valentine’s Day. It will be an accountability GROUP. Each of us holding one another to a standard that we deserve. There will be weekly nutrition and fitness goals and tasks. Reminding each other on the daily that we are strong and badass, that our goals DESERVE our attention. That our “why’s” don’t change with the season. Fitness and nutrition through the season.

*disclaimer* this is in NO WAY designed to make the holidays less fun. This is not designed to prevent you from eating some treats at parties, enjoying some holiday cocktails with family and friends, or denying or restricting your dinner on Christmas.

There are going to be parties. There are going to be drinks. There are going to be a whole lot of people begging you to “get off your diet and have fun”. First of all..what you decide to put in your body doesn’t make you fun. YOU ARE FUN. Second of all, THIS IS NOT A DIET.  So those people should shut up. What this is designed to do is take the STRESS out of it and put the fun back in. It’s designed to help you get through the toughest eating months out there WITHOUT derailing your goals. That is fun! Rocking your NYE dress after Christmas without spanx and starving for 4 days before is FUN! Coming back to work and carrying on wearing the same clothes you did before the holidays is FUN. It’s designed to help YOU find a way to eat that serves YOUR PURPOSE. Not your mother in-law, not your friends, but YOU. This is YOUR body and you get to decide what it feels like, how it moves, and what it looks like.

There will be work. There will be emotions. There may be times when “working out” means 15 mins of jumping jacks because you don’t have time for anything else. That is okay. Work through and participate in the program, and who knows, you may just end up feeling better than you ever have on a January 1 and realizing that there is no need to make a resolution this year. You already have your start. Before the gym gets too busy 😉

Email me for an application form to see if there is a spot for you 🙂


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