Sexy weightloss?

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When you read the words “lose all the weight you want in just 6 weeks” doesn’t that just flip some kind of switch in your head? Doesn’t it make you think, fuck ya, I’m in, what do I have to do?

Now what if you read “start to feel great in your body, feel good about yourself in just 12 months”? Less of a turn on. Admit it.

And there we have it. The exact reason why the diet industry is a MULTI BILLION dollar industry.

We ALL want a quick fix..instant gratification. We want our problems solved now..not 5 minutes from now..NOW DAMNIT.  So they sell us on that. And we buy it. Ab rollers, Apple Cider Vinegar, machines, tea, the list never ends. When that one doesn’t work for us..we move on to the next promise of a “6 pack in just 12 minutes a day” without really reading the fine print. Then that one fails. Or better works! YAY it’s WORKING!!! Until we stop following it exactly. Or take a break. Sure, you can make drastic changes overnight, get amazing results in just 3 weeks, and be happy with them. Absolutely. But, the most important thing to ask yourself, is what happens when you stop following the 3 week plan? Are you going to be able to live with it every day for the rest of your life? Can you really live like this?

IF you can’t, now we also have the heaviness that comes with multiple failures. The voice in our heads start telling us that we just don’t have what it takes, we aren’t strong enough, don’t have enough will power, useless..etc.  Throw in following too many fitness accounts on Instagram and you have a recipe for despair.

Am I being melodramatic or does this sound familiar in any way?

It’s a cycle that absolutely CAN be broken.

It may not sound totally sexy or appealing or EASY to do slow, sustainable changes, but it freaking works. And it doesn’t just work in the short term, it’s a LONG term solution.

Time + patience + self love = the magic pill we are all looking for. Acknowledging that the journey is as important as the destination is something that doesn’t come right away, but is such an integral part of any program. It’s truly, in every single aspect, a learning curve.

Learning what you can and cannot live without. Learning what exercises you love to do and which ones you don’t. Learning what foods you love and which ones you don’t. Learning which foods work FOR you and which ones work AGAINST you. Your goals, dreams, and what you truly value in this life. THESE are the important lessons you learn along the journey, which is what makes it so incredibly valuable.

Don’t discard the value of time invested in your health. You will learn and experience things along the way that your future self (already arrived at the perceived destination) will thank you for.

Oh, and there is truly no “destination”.  You will find yourself on a journey of self discovery that will (blessedly) last a lifetime.



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