IMG_6711So, here it is. I’ve been threatening to do a blog for ages now and I finally decided to just fucking do it.

I am quite certain that, as everything in my life, it will be a hot mess, full of rants, unbridled passion, a little bit of crazy, lots of cussing, and hopefully…helpful.

I promise to be as completely honest about what I’m writing as humanly possible. I promise to always try and get to the fucking point as quickly as possible.

I am really, really passionate about wanting to help women change their mindset about their body. About FOOD and all the associated baggage that comes with it.

I’ve been on a very, very long journey myself with these particular issues and have learned so much. So much that I decided I needed to learn more, so I studied under Precision Nutrition and became a certified level 1 coach. It’s a start, but definitely not the end of my education. There is much to say on these topics. Health, fitness, body image, body positivity..etc. Too much to be squeezed into my teeny tiny instagram posts so BLOG it is.

Funny enough, I am leaving tomorrow for vacation and won’t be anywhere near wifi or any other kind of “civilized” place. Off the grid for a week (woohoo!!!). When I get home though..it’s time to get shit started!! I hope you’ll join me on this word trip..I’m excited to see where it goes!!


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